Supporting Childhood Acquired Brain Injury clients

Komplex Group is delighted to be working with CBIT to support clients with Childhood Acquired Brain Injury.

CBIT – The Child Brain Injury Trust – has a fantastic app which provides digital health intervention for thousands of families across the UK.

Since its launch 2021, more than 3,000 people have downloaded CBIT In Hand. This enables them to access virtual support for childhood concussion, head injury and acquired brain injury.

The innovation also reaches professionals seeking more advice and support around the subject.

A spokesperson for CBIT explained: “It provides access to tailored information, at your fingertips, when needed. It offers a vast range of resources and signposting to relevant organisations. And it puts the difficult terminology into a more readable and simpler form, for all to understand.

“CBIT In Hand serves as an adaptable information portal providing information at every stage of a family’s journey after sustaining concussion, head injury or an ABI.”

ABI products and services

In addition, there is a CBIT In Hand Marketplace: an easy-to-access hub of useful and appropriate products and services.

The charity has reviewed all of the organisations to ensure they are reliable and credible.

The spokesperson added: “Within the Marketplace, there are a range of products and services from assistive technology, clothing and home adaptations to therapy services, nursing care and case management. All of which have been approved by the Child Brain Injury Trust.”

Komplex Care and Childhood Acquired Brain Injury

At Komplex Care, we provide at-home healthcare for individuals with ABIs across the UK. Partnering with CBIT means we can reach even more clients and their families who may be seeking expert care packages.

Specific training at our nurse-led Academy is provided to all staff looking after clients with Childhood Acquired Brain Injury. Our focus on high acuity care means we can support clients no matter the complexity of their health conditions.

We put together a bespoke care package for every individual, to help them achieve the very best outcomes.

You can download CBIT In Hand on your app store, or visit to find out more about the charity.

To talk directly to Komplex Care about how we can support you, please do email or call 01952 781111.