“A satisfying job which is making a real difference to our clients and their families”


Caring for our clients isn’t just a job to our staff or Komplex Care as a company and we are rightly proud of our reputation which recognises that we are always prepared to go the extra mile for those in our care.

The commitment and dedication of our carers is at the heart of everything we do and today we would like to introduce you to Becky Madine. Becky, 24, lives in Kirkby on Merseyside and has been a care assistant with us since October.

One-to-one carer

She is currently a one-to-one carer for a four-year-old girl who attends a local school for pupils with severe and complex learning needs. All students at the school have an Education, Health and Care Plan in place.

We asked Becky to tell us about her job and what it is like working for Komplex Care:

She said: “I am a one-to-one carer for a little girl in school but am also contingency staff – so if anyone is off sick, I cover for them and what they do. This can mean helping out with other Komplex Care paediatric clients at the school, and I am also on another package caring for a client in Aintree which involves caring for a lady in her own home.

Personal care

“If the little girl I care for is off, I still go into school and help out with the other children. My job involves doing everything in terms of personal care for the children – especially for my one-to-one, looking after all of their needs. 

“I used to be a nursery nurse but have been working at Komplex Care since October.

My partner is a driving instructor and he was teaching someone who worked at Komplex Care. I spoke to her about it, liked what she was saying about the job and so I applied.

“It is a more rewarding job than what I was doing previously, you get so much more support from managers, we get one-to-one meetings and they are always checking to make sure everything is ok.

Great support

“If you ever need anything, they are only a phone call away – I didn’t get that in any other job and the really big thing is having the satisfaction of knowing that we are making a real difference to those in our care and their families.

“Seeing how happy the kids are at school and when they go home is just amazing. I spoke to my one-to-one’s mum the other day and she said she’s never seen her daughter smile so much as when she comes home from school. She just loves it and I like the idea of that.

“I’m always keeping in touch with my one-to-one’s mum through texts. I think that is important as it means she knows that I am thinking about her and am willing to help out whenever I can.

“Komplex Care has a lot of time for everybody. If you ever need to speak to them or you need help, they are always there and always go the extra mile for all our clients – they are a really good firm to work for.”

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