“It’s not just about care – it’s about being part of someone’s life.”


We are extremely proud of the commitment of our staff to the clients they care for – creating a special bond which can endure for many years. Amazing relationships can be formed with the carer and client often becoming part of an extended family.

Leanne Debley lives in Essex and has a young family. She is one of four personal assistants who rotate their working life to ensure the needs of one of our clients are always properly cared for.

Making the switch

The four PAs have been with this particular client for between three and 10 years – Leanne has been with her for five years, and the close relationship between client and PAs can be gauged by the fact that when the client chose to switch her care package to Komplex Care last year from another provider, all four PAs came with her!

Leanne said: “Between the four PAs, we provide the specialist care for all our client’s needs, which involves pretty much everything really. I enjoy my job and looking after my client is very important, rewarding and satisfying to me.

“I recently accompanied my client on a five-week trip to New Zealand for her to visit her family. Komplex Care helped make that happen and it was brilliant, a lovely trip and I was really excited to go.

“I’ve been with my client for about five years now and we have developed a really special relationship. If the weather is good we take trips out and we often watch Netflix programmes together. It is not just about care, it is about being part of someone’s life – part of the family and my client is like family to me.”

Making a difference

Leanne previously worked in an office, pub and cafe before making the switch to the care industry.

She added: “I did do some work in care before but my main job was working as a diary manager in an office. I did that for three to four years. I had my son, who is now six, and took a year off on maternity leave, and then decided that I just wanted to do something different.

“What I do now is so much more rewarding than what I did previously and I am really glad I made the switch to care work. I really feel that I am making a difference. Our Komplex Care manager is brilliant and the company seems to be so much more organised than the previous care company my client was with. They really do go the extra mile for their clients.”