“My PA’s presence on New Zealand trip made the visit possible.”


Our client Linda Austin recently returned from a five-week trip to see her family in New Zealand – a visit she was able to undertake with the help of her Komplex Care personal assistant.

Linda sustained a spinal cord injury C4/5 in 2013 when she was 69 years old – an injury which means that she can’t move her arms or legs. Linda spent a year in Stoke Mandeville before starting her journey with the care industry. One of her first Operations Managers was our now Managing Director Arron Zaib.

Change of care provider

Fast forward eight years and Linda now has four Komplex Care personal assistants.

Linda said: “I was getting quite fed up with my previous care provider because they had lost all of their rapids and I was having agency nurses that I’d never met. I was also concerned that this care provider wouldn’t give my PAs a pay rise even though they hadn’t had one for over a year.

“I thought about changing my provider for quite a while and talked to my family who thought I shouldn’t change. I don’t usually go against what they say so I was just praying that it worked out and they couldn’t say ‘we told you so’.

The right move

“It was quite easy to make the change and I’m happy that I did – I certainly haven’t regretted it. My PAs got a pay rise and even received a Christmas bonus! Also, best of all, I know my personal assistants and they know me and I haven’t had anyone coming in to help meet my needs that I don’t know.

“I recently went to New Zealand for five weeks with one of my PAs to see my son and his family. She worked six days a week, having left her family – including two children – for that time we were away.

“It was an arrangement I was able to sort out with Komplex Care and I was grateful that my PA could make the trip with me, otherwise I would not have been able to go. If I hadn’t been able to make the trip my son would have come over for a week or two to see family and friends here.

“Well, that’s my story up to date. I am very pleased with the service Komplex Care provides and I hope to have a few more years left with them yet – but, as I’m 78, who knows!”