About Us

Helping people to feel comfortable in their own home – no matter how complex their needs – is at the heart of everything we do.

Every client is treated as the unique person they are, with their own operations manager overseeing their care plan to ensure they receive the best possible care, which is right for them and their needs.

Our experienced, specialist team is able to manage, train and assess care packages for individuals or on behalf of commissioners. All of our procedures are led by nurses, and our unique approach to staffing means we can get the right care in place quickly.

We are not only a care provider – we want to change the way things are done in the care industry. Our training academy is run by specialists with many years of experience working in a range of clinical settings, who are committed to raising standards across the industry, as well as training our own nursing staff.

That means we have access to a network of highly-trained professionals with a wide range of experience and skills to meet a wide range of needs. We never refuse a case until every option has been explored – we will always consider every care package.

Our vision

We believe that high quality care can be provided at home, by professionally trained nurses who feel like part of the family.

Our values

Every client and case is unique – as are the commissioners and partners we work with – which is why every care plan is carefully developed as a completely bespoke package.

Our mission

First and foremost, we are here to help our clients live as healthy and comfortable a life as possible. But above and beyond that, we want to raise the standard of care provided to everyone, which is why we are developing a world-leading training academy and building relationships with other care professionals across the world.

What we provide

Komplex Care was founded on the key principles of providing the highest quality complex care for
both adults and paediatrics in addition to providing specialised client centred training.