Motor Neurone Disease Care

Why us?

Choosing a care provider to support a family member with MND is a big commitment, and we understand the importance of getting it right.

That’s why we are always very happy to discuss a case in great detail with the individual, their families and healthcare providers to ensure every need is met by their care package.

Our professional team has years of experience in dealing with MND and helping clients live a fulfilled life, despite the very challenging circumstances of the condition.

How can we help?

Each care package is assessed to provide exactly what the client needs to be able to continue living in their own home, and living their own life independently. Whether that’s transportation for daily tasks or assistance with clinical procedures, our nurses are there to make life easier.

We know from experience that things change, and every care plan is adaptable depending on clinical need. Every member of our nursing team is trained to industry-leading standards to fully understand the condition and how it affects the life of the patient.

We have the expertise to deal with a variety of tasks, including:

  • Ventilator management
  • Tracheostomy management, including full changes
  • Ambu bagging
  • Cough assist
  • Oxygen therapy
  • PEG (feeding tube)

Please get in touch with the team for a chat about how we can help in more detail.

What we provide

Komplex Care was founded on the key principles of providing the highest quality complex care for
both adults and paediatrics in addition to providing specialised client centred training.

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