“Komplex Care were like a breath of fresh air”

“We had Komplex Care for around the final six months of Matthew’s journey having had to change care providers and they were like a breath of fresh air.”

At Komplex Care’s latest Charity Golf Day the cause was closer to home than usual. The event was in memory of a unique client; Mathew Chapman, who sadly lost his life at age eight to a rare and incurable disease known as Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy (INAD).

Matthew’s mom Tory spoke at the event, explaining how after being let down by a number of care providers she contacted Komplex Care, who were able to arrange a package of care to meet Matthews rare and complex needs. Tory explained the benefit that the reliability and highly tailored approach of Komplex Care had for the family, saying:

“Our previous care provider had carers working on eight, nine, 10, 11 care packages, so for Komplex Care to come in and say we are going to find a person for you and solely for you was a real game-changer. It meant we could have that faith and sustainability we were so craving.”

As a specialist complex care provider, Komplex Care have a range of experience dealing with complicated and high acuity care packages; but the Tory’s story and the time staff have spent with Matthew and his mum have left an impression.

Arron Zaib, Managing Director at Komplex Care has spoken about the impact of the package.

“At Komplex Care we have a long history of delivering some of the most challenging care packages in the UK. From physical rehabilitation through to end-of-life care we pride ourselves on delivering sustainable and tailored care. However, even in our experience; a condition as rare of Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy (INAD) poses a unique challenge.”

“Thankfully we were able to provide a really specialised package, with a carer who was able to build up that all important relationship with Matthew and his family. Moving forward we hope that our experience with this truly unique young man will help us to raise awareness and help others.“

What sticks with Tory about the time Komplex Care supported her was the way her Komplex Care carer became like a part of the family.

“Matthew’s carer chose to stay with us until the end, she didn’t have to, which was a credit to the way the Komplex Care package ran and the way they managed their care.”

Watch Tory’s talk about her experience and how Komplex Care supported her family during this difficult time.

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